Virtual Wellbeing Sessions

Virtual Learning – 2 hour sessions

Truly Inspired offers virtual workshops via the on-line video conferencing tools– Zoom or Teams

This enables virtual training, where the delegates are able to use their device at home to participate in a training workshops.

It enables the trainer and the delegates to still have the face to face experience to maximise the learning from the session and ensure the delegates have a high level of engagement.

They are focused on well-being, specific development topics, adapting to working from home or continued learning around a specific subject i.e. emotional intelligence.

These topics that have been designed to focus on well-being and adapting to change.

Short and long term techniques to manage anxiety

  • Understand anxiety and why we feel it
  • Learn what triggers your anxiety and how to manage it
  • Learn methods to manage anxiety in the immediate situation
  • Understand how to build positive coping mechanisms to manage longer term anxiety
  • Understand how to “bank” good experiences to ensure you feel balanced
  • Understand the importance of your inner dialog and how to influence it

Feeling in control when going through change

  • Understand that change causes an emotional response in us all
  • Learn how you respond to change and why you respond in that way
  • Understand the methods you can use to feel back in control when change is happening to you
  • Learn how to take back control to enable you to go through change with a positive mind-set.
  • Learn how to turn the negative talk to positive talk when considering change

Be kind to yourself – How to invest in your wellbeing

  • Understand that we need to ensure our well-being is looked after
  • Learn what we need as human beings to feel balanced and happy
  • Understand the importance of having positive mental health, just like physical health
  • Learn how to make wellbeing a priority every day to enable you to feel in control
  • Understand how to show compassion and understanding to ourselves

Managing our own well-being and mental toughness levels

  • You will understand the importance of focusing on your health and wellbeing at work in order to reduce health issues and the implications they have on the working environment.
  • You will understand what your balance looks like to you as an individual and when to identify you are off balance.
  • You will learn to understand how you take care of your mental toughness levels and stay mentally healthy
  • You will understand how being focused on wellness is beneficial for your mental health and help you to manage at home and at work
  • You will know what you can put in place to help you gain control and balance your work and home life

Reframe, understand and challenge your thinking

  • You will be able to identify your emotions correctly and quickly to help manage negative emotions and think rationally
  • You will understand why we have limiting self-beliefs and how you can overcome them
  • You will learn positive coping mechanisms that help you to stay strong when you are feeling overwhelmed
  • You will understand how your values and beliefs influence your thinking and how to evaluate and update your thinking.
  • You will feel positive and in control of your thinking and the impact that has on your behaviour

Understanding and managing stress

  • You will be able to identify your stress triggers and methods to help manage the stress you are exposed to
  • You will learn how negative stress affects your mind and body so you are able to recognise it and manage the affects
  • You will be able to recognise stress in others and how to help them
  • You will learn positive coping mechanisms to lower stress levels in the moment and in the longer term
  • You will feel in control of your emotions and understand how to stay calm and process negative emotions to enable increased happiness

Using emotional intelligence to help us manage our emotions in difficult times

  • You will understand the theory of emotional intelligence and why it is so important to help us understand how we feel and we respond to those feelings
  • You will have learnt the two aspects of emotional intelligence – Self-awareness and self-management and social awareness and relationship management and reflect on your ability to apply both to your life
  • You will have increased ability to communicate using emotional intelligence so ensure you have positive interactions with others
  • You will have greater understanding of others emotions and build stronger relationships by increasing your self-awareness and empathy
  • You will have improved confidence in understanding your reactions to situations and choices and why you and others may react in certain ways to certain situations