Accredited Management Programme

Truly Inspired are proud to work in partnership with The Institute of Leadership and Management to offer an Accredited management Programme. This is being run virtually via teams and zoom and can also be delivered face-to-face when we are able to do so.

Who could attend:


Leadership team, Managers that want to enhance their management and leadership skills and employees that have been identified to progress through talent management into a leadership position

Results for delegates:

  • Learn extensive management and leadership techniques
  • Develop your ability to lead, motivate and inspire the people around you
  • Provide strategic leadership as well as day-to-day management
  • Raise your profile in your organisation
  • Enhance your skills and abilities to enable you to progress into senior management
  • Give you confidence in your ability to lead and manage a team

Benefits include:

  • The programme will be have external and independent validation to ensure quality standards
  • The delegates will have access to an award-winning online learning platform: MyLeadership
  • The leadership programme will be mapped to these resources, which allows the delegates to have a blended learning pathway
  • The delegates will have a 1-year membership with The Institute, helping to professionalise the whole experience
  • Delegates will be able to use letters after their name i.e. Associate – AMInstLM / Member – MinstLM
  • The delegates will receive a Certificate of Achievement


The programme consists of an induction and 8 interactive and engaging training days that can be run over a period of time to suit you.
It currently consists of the following learning topics, but we can work with you to be flexible around content.

Introduction and welcome to Leadership Programme

Introduction to the leadership programme and welcome to the delegates attending the programme

Overview of programme and a chance to ask any questions

1. The importance of becoming a great manager and leader

  • Learn the importance of being a  great leader and manager and the difference between them both
  • Understand team formations and Belbin styles
  • Learn your own leadership styles and the impact your choice of style has on your team.

2. Managing employees to deliver and leading them to achieve the vision

  • Understand the importance of performance management
  • Learn how you achieve the golden thread from vision to individual objectives
  • Understand how to motivate and delegate effectively

3. Developing yourself with emotional intelligence, self-awareness and a coaching management style

  • Understand the importance of emotional intelligence in being a great leader and manager
  • Increase your self-awareness to understand your strengths and development needs
  • Understand how to use a coaching style to encourage employees to become empowered and problem solve

4. Understanding culture and ethics of your organisation

  • Learn about the culture of your organisation and how that impacts day to day working
  • Understand the importance of ethics to your organisation and how they consider they align to the organisations values
  • Understand how leadership decisions are made in line with culture and ethical considerations

5. Problem solving and delivering on projects

  • Understand how to identify problems and issue that need to be solved
  • Learn the process to enable successful decision making and enable the correct problems to be solved effectively
  • Learn how to manage a project through planning and effective communication

6. Leadership communication and creating employee engagement and presentation skills

  • Learn how to communicate with employees to have impact and create engagement
  • Understand the use of positive language and the impact “why” has to strategic and day to day communication
  • Learn how to create employee engagement to enable your teams to meet objectives and achieve the vision

7. Managing wellbeing and stress of your teams

  • Understand how to manage the wellbeing of your team and deal with conflict
  • Learn how stress can impact people personally and impact your team achieving the vision
  • Understand how to engage and manage ethically to create a great team

8. Leading innovation and Change in your team and organisation

  • Learn the importance of continued innovation to a team and organisation
  • Understand how to engage teams in change and manage change effectively
  • Understand how you manage change and how to communicate effective to achieve positive outcomes