Every organisation is established with a vision. We can help ensure all your learning experiences are created with your people strategy, organisations values and KPI’s at the heart of your employee development programme.

We specialise in offering professional and collaborative people development solutions from exec. coaching and extensive leadership programmes to employee development consultancy, personalised to your organisations requirements.

Employee Engagement and Development 

Engaging and developing your employees ensures they are:

  • Highly motivated
  • Capable of working in an agile team
  • Receptive and adaptable to change
  • Extensively using their individual capabilities 
  • Highly productive and efficient
  • Engaged and self aware
  • Leading culture through their behaviours
  • Dedicated and loyal

Truly Inspired excels at employee engagement and development

  • Executive, Development and Leadership Coaching
  • Employee Engagement Workshops and Leadership Training
  • Design of People Development Strategies to include Bespoke Learning Experiences
  • Extensive management and leadership development programmes
  • Accredited Management and Leadership Programmes
  • Specialist Courses in Emotional Intelligence and Communication
  • Well-being Workshops to Support your Employees
  • Performance, behaviour change and development coaching
  • Team Development Courses that Specialise in Motivation and Engagement

“We will be dedicated to helping you achieve employee engagement by understanding your organisation and delivering bespoke people development experiences”

Marie Thake
Director and People Development Consultant
Truly Inspired Coaching and Training