Coaching is an empowering process to help people to find their own solutions and move forward to achieve their goals

It enables them to achieve their visions and be the best they can be. It encourages reflection, mindfulness and self awareness.

There are many ways to use coaching in an organisation:

Performance Coaching

Development Coaching

Executive Coaching

We hold one-to-one sessions, in intervals that suit the coaching requirement, to support the coachee to achieve clear goals. We enable change and grow confidence in the coachee so they feel supported throughout the process.

We specialise in:

Performance Development Coaching

Director and Leadership Growth

Well-being, Mind-set and Behaviour Change

Behaviour Change Coaching

Career Transition, Focussing on Change of Mind-set and Approach

Self-awareness and Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Development and Succession Planning

Coaching is an effective way of developing individuals in the workplace. It enables them to be part of a focused development plan and encourages ownership of their goals and objectives.

The benefits include:

  • Employees feel invested in and valued
  • Coachees learn mindfulness and self awareness
  • Improved productivity ¬†through clarity of purpose and clear goal setting
  • Improved performance through increased self-awareness and reflective ability
  • Motivated and dedicated employees with increased knowledge and confidence
  • Lowers stress and gives clarity in a confidential environment
  • On-going support and development for key employees to achieve their vision
  • Creates empowered workforce that can make decisions and take ownership
  • Helps people to adapt to change and manage emotions

We have successfully worked with many organisations to develop their employees to peak performance.

Areas we specialise in include:

  • Coaching as part of underperformance procedures to encourage employees back up to peak performance
  • Director level coaching to help business growth and clarity of direction
  • Executive coaching to improve employees from good to great
  • Career progression coaching to assist in the transition between job roles and help mindset change
  • Leadership coaching to develop leadership and management skills
  • Self awareness and emotional intelligence coaching
  • Behaviour change coach to ensure behaviour change is consistent and permenant.

“I hope I get the opportunity to work with you to develop your most important asset”